Lennyn update: Just got the smallest bit of hope from neurology and we are freaking CLINGING to it. Keep the prayers and manifestations coming because we’re getting somewhere.

When Lennyns seizures started increasing, she was started on Trileptal. It’s a great drug for focal seizures. It is very rare, but in some patients, trileptal will correct the focal seizures but in return the brain goes into a more generalized epilepsy pattern.

Before she is 100 percent diagnosed with LGS, we’re going to wean off the Trileptal, get another eeg on the 28th, and compare. Prior to this madness, Lennyns abnormalities were only coming from the shunt side (right, back) and front left temporal area. We are praying so damn hard that off the Trileptal, we get back to that baseline.

Other news, her heart rate has been a little irregular at night so we will be hooking up with cardiology to do a monitor to rule out anything malicious.

I just have a good feeling that good news is coming and she’s going to get that break that we’ve been desperate for. #LennynStrong


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