September 2nd, 2018

It’s been one week since Lennyn was born. We’ve officially been in the hospital for 8 days. As i sit here waiting to be discharged for a second time, there is a lot of reflecting to do.

Lennyn has made an complete 360. On Tuesday we were preparing for a transfer and possible transplant. Then I got really sick and was battling stroke pressures and non responsive to medication. Let’s fast forward to this moment now.

I’m going home today. I’ve had multiple readings the last 24 hours that are significantly lower and safe. They were able to get my numbers down but adding an additional baby safe medication and having me take all 3 meds 3 times a day, strategically timed. I have to closely monitory my numbers at home and follow up with My nephrologist shortly. As my body goes back to its pre pregnancy self, my meds will have to be tweaked and hopefully reduced. I’m feeling the most human I have felt in 2 months. The best news is, I can resume pumping and feeding Lenn TONIGHT.

We just got back from the NICU, saying see you later to Lennyn until tonight. I was instant tears when I walked into her room. No bilirubin lights. NO CPAP. NO OXYGEN. Room level O2 and a nasal cannula. Our girl is breathing on her own and has had no events in 24 hours. Our hearts are EXPLODING. I can’t not get over what a fighter she is. We are SO BLESSED to have hit this monumental step.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the well wishes and prayers during this time. Please keep them coming. Your words of encouragement really kept our spirits up and Lennyn clearly could feel the love.

Extra thanks to everyone at Countryside hospital. From the ER to OB to NICU to Telemetry- everyone has been and continues to be SO accommodating.

To my parents,sisters, Sue and grandparents for jumping in and taking care of Ava and our home and being up and on standby 24 hours a day, no matter what this week has thrown at us- Seth and I wouldn’t of lasted this week without your support. Huge thanks to Seth’s parents as well. They have saved us financially during this pregnancy. Missed work is scary
With a newborn and new mortgage.

I started typing out and tagging each person who has been here for us this week but there’s a cut off for text. Y’all know who you are. Not sure how we got so lucky to have the family and friends we have. I don’t think we could ever repay you. We’re only a week in to our journey but we know with the love and support from y’all, we got this




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