MRI/ Neurology update

MRI in: Fine in the mysterious cyst department. Didn’t even see one in the detailed MRI.

Got to see Haridas (Lenn’s Neurosurgeon)! He’s down with the CBD. Brought it up himself. He said he’s supportive of anything that will potentially keep her off his OR table. He said he’s seen it work, he’s seen it work for only a few months, and he’s seen it not work at all but it’s worth a shot. Also said to wait until we see with the 4th medicine does because we can’t throw everything at her at once.

IF we are forced to explore surgery, he would be the one to do it and that is so refreshing to know. He navigated Lennyn through what we thought at the time was the worst moments of her life. The respect and trust we have in him is immeasurable. He and our neurologist will have a conference and come up with a plan moving forward and he is now completely looped in.

He said they have Lennyns ABC World News Story playing in the office and she is a celebrity 😂

Pulse ox and oxygen is with us at the hospital. We will meet them at our house THIS AFTERNOON (we’re going home baby!) for our other three types of tanks and more training.

Keep the prayers coming that we get these seizures to stop. Lennyn is a trailblazer. We have faith that a miracle is coming and she’ll defy the odds once again. ❤️ #LennynStrong

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