Lennyn Update!

Another overdue Lennynbug update!

This cutie is 2 and 3 quarters today!

We follow up neurology again on Friday to see where we are at with seizure activity from her Epilepsy. She’s SUPER busy with PT 3 days a week, OT is starting 2 days a week, she starts speech tomorrow, and is back in swim. If you need her, the girl is booked!

On top of all of that, we have a meeting with the school board tomorrow regarding preK (how are we even thinking about that yet) and the programs and services she will need to thrive! Super excited to get Lennyn with kids. She’s been locked away for the better part of almost three years for either hospitalizations, flu season, Covid, etc.

Thanks for always checking in on her and always keeping her in your prayers. Keep them coming!God hears you and cleary got this girls back ❤️

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