Instagram friendly update video

All I keep thinking about is WHAT IF we didn’t bring her to her pediatrician on Saturday. This has progressed SO rapidly and we are SO RELIEVED that we know the culprit now.

Lennyn is on Vanco 4 times a day. They upped her dose from 70 to 90 to be a little more aggressive and hit the sweet spot of the infection. She’s still pretty sleepy but she looks so much better. No infection of the brain is good but this strain of staph is treatable with aggressive antibiotics and as we know it could ALWAYS be worse.

Also, THANK GOD we didn’t let them shunt her originally. If she was shunted, Neurosurgery would have to take the shunt out, which is far more complicated than the reservoir because it runs from your brain to your stomach. This is why we were researching alternatives. SHUNTS ARE NOT A CURE. SHUNTS REQUIRE MAINTENANCE AND ADDITIONAL SURGERY. Not even 3 months old and 3 brain surgeries. WE. ARE. GOOD.

Once Neurosurgery and infectious disease get a few clear CSF cultures, drain will come out. As long as her ventricles stay small in all of this, she will be closed up, no shunt, no drain, no hardware.

Lennyn’s strength astounds me. I don’t think I could go through what she has. Both of our girls are the strongest girls in the world.

Keep the prayers rolling. We are far from the safe zone but we are making strides in the right direction on this long road to recovery.

Thank you to everyone for cheering us on and lifting our spirits. The prayer chain is unreal. Lennyn Army is the best Army. We are blessed. Im sorry if I haven’t responded to some texts. The influx of messages is overwhelming and I’m chipping away at them. Dart Fam, Sunbelt Fam, Old friends, New friends, red, yellow, and blue friends, Strangers- THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT OUR FAMILY AND OUR GIRLS AND WISHING LENN THE BEST.

Special thanks to our family who has been here every step of the way. We are blessed to both have outstanding parents, sisters, grandparents, and Sue. My sweet cousins out of state and my aunts and other family members that have shared Lennyn’s story AND PRAYED SO HARD, I love you!

Much love to our nurses from the Nicu constantly checking on our sweet girl and Dahlia Roberts for her visits and advice.

Much thanks to our pediatrician nurse Jessica Richards for always getting us where we need to be.

Brittany Heerschap, Dana Bevilacqua, Laura Lee Cobb- 💪🏻 couldn’t find a rock emoji but y’all are it.

For tomorrow, our family is packing up Thanksgiving and eating at the hospital with us. Setting might be different this year but home is wherever we are all together ♥️

We clearly have a ton to be thankful for this year.

If y’all have LennynStrong shirts post pictures in them! Selfie support train!! Let’s get it!!


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