💜October 11- Slay Kween💜

New baby who dis? Lennyn is back down to 7 pounds 4 ounces as we were expecting with all the fluid she was on for surgery. She has 5 more days of Penicillin. Neurosurgery is really impressed with how she’s doing and how her ventricles look. Spoke to Dr. Haridas’s PA about the white matter loss and they are not overly concerned about it right now. They are going to do a repeat MRI on the 15th and keep an eye on it. Lenn was so alert today and slammed 40 of 60 mls of her bottle today. Her doctor is going to give her a dry run of no air tomorrow to see how she does seeing half the time her cannula is hanging out of her nose anyway. First batch of shirts came in today!! I will be distributing them over the weekend. Today was definitely a high on this NICU rollercoaster.

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