💜October 3-So Fresh n So Clean💜

Quiet Wednesday and we’re loving it. Lenn was stable enough for a well overdue bath. Plan is to keep SLOWLY weaning her off her oxygen, again, for the however many time. Since she is cuing before feeds we are going to attempt to bottle feed every 12 hours. She has 9 more days of antibiotics and will stay with the critical babies so they can keep a closer eye on her. Picc line seems to be holding up. Nothing new has grown on the cultures. Taking preemie steps today but she’s looking good. A bijillion photos today and I couldn’t decide which to include in the update so I hope you enjoy a little of everything from today.

#lennynstrong #preemiepower #hydrocephalus #teamnoshunt #hydrocephalusawareness #hydrocephaluswarrior #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries #trailblazer #niculife @ St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital

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