💜 September 24 – 29 Days Old 💜

Another day on the NICU rollercoaster. We got our ultrasound results back and they were far from what we were wanting to hear. Fluid has significantly built back up in Lenn’s ventricles- and it’s visible to the eye. Neurosurgery will be in first thing tomorrow morning to tap the reservoir to drain and will have to tap more frequently. It’s frustrating that they JUST tapped 2 days ago and it’s building so fast. We have a month before the neurosurgeon installs a shunt. We’re reminding ourself that a month is a long time (thank you @laur_c0ll for being my voice of reason and letting me quote you there) and Lennyn is resilient and ANYTHING can happen. Because of the pressure build up, her sats have been all over the place. Eager to get her drained so she can be consistent again. She’s a massive 6 pounds 1 ounce today! She also started working with physical and occupational therapy. They will work with her 2 times a week.

Tonight Ava and I are cuddled on the couch watching Netflix and we pushed Seth out the door to play darts. We’re both overdue for a moment to just to breathe and step outside of the box. A well deserved moment to say the least. Ava and I were well overdue for a good cuddle session.

November 3rd is St. Pete’s Walk to End Hydrocephalus. Please join our team by going to:


and joining team “#LennynStrong”. It’s free to participate. Team shirts are $10 and proceeds go directly to the #hydrocephalusassociation . We have 20 orders already!! Payments can be made by:

Venmo: @Brianna-Unger-1
Cash App: BreeUnger

Even if you don’t want to walk, buy a shirt to show your Lennyn support and help find an end to this. A shunt is NOT A CURE and 50 percent of shunts fail in children within the first 2 years. Shunts need a lifetime of surgical maintenance. We want no more brain surgeries for anyone! #NoMoreBS!
#hydrocephalusawareness #hydrocephaluswarrior #teamnoshunt#preemiepower

Come on Lennyn, #yougotthis


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