August 29th, 2018

Lennyn Overnight Update:

Nurses and the respiratory team were able to drop Len’s O2 levels 2 times successfully. She is getting fussy pretty easy so they have been administering pain medication to keep her calm otherwise her breathing is impacted. Her blood gas levels were improving when ran at 11 o’clock last night.

She is under bilirubin lights and will remain for a few days as her bilirubin levels did not improve much.

Her kidneys and urinary tract system seem to be working great as she is filling diapers like a champ.

She does not like noises, or bright lights, or having a full diaper and basically is having one big tantrum because she’s not in the womb anymore.

Will know about her echo when the doctor makes rounds and will keep everyone posted. We’re not even taking baby steps, here. We’re taking preemie steps, one second at a time.

We are blown away by the amount of love shown for our daughter. Keep up the momentum. She could clearly feel all the love, prayers, and well wishes overnight.




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